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Cannabis Candidate Uses Bob Marley Day To Start Knocking On Doors

A marijuana icon, Bob Marley’s humanitarian and political side is often overshadowed by some people because he inhaled ganja. Toronto proclaims his birthday as Bob Marley Day to honor these efforts and not necessarily his copious cannabis consumption.

Mayor Rob Ford has broken out in dance to Marley and has smoked lots of marijuana, but was responsible for passing Toronto’s harsh anti-grow bylaw. However, Toronto’s cannabis culture is thriving despite marijuana being totally illegal. ““I love Bob Marley. When I heard the song, I had to get up and dance,” Ford told reporters afterward.

The annual 4/20 protest at Yonge and Dundas Square has grown from a handful of people to several thousands of anti-prohibition protesters – and now puts money in the city coffers via fees. Vapor lounges continue to sprout up in neighborhoods and the city is planning positive medical marihuana consumer friendly legislation.

Mayoral candidate Matt Mernagh knows what it’s like to have his skills and experiences overshadowed because he too inhales copious amounts of cannabis. Mernagh openly consumes cannabis to treat a rare brain tumor, but suggests he has transferable skills ideally suited to be mayor of Toronto.

He’s a community leader and organizer, an articulate communicator and a tenacious passionate person who wants to lead Toronto – not from a left or right perspective but from let’s make it happen perspective. No challenge is too stiff for this creative problem solver, Mernagh is best known as the person who almost made cannabis legal.

“People have always told me I can’t do something. If we listened to them we would have never had a 4/20 Rally in Toronto or a constitutional challenge that almost ended pot prohibition,” Mernagh says.

Toronto voters will have an opportunity to meet Mernagh firsthand at their front door because his team knows how to campaign for public office. The Campaign to Elect Matt Mernagh Mayor begins their apartment building door knocking campaign on Bob Marley Day and continues this plan until e-day.

January Campaign Highlights

  • 60 Volunteers Signed Up
  • 128 people attended Oust Rob Ford Super Bowl Fundraiser
  • $542.50 raised from first fundraiser
  • Spoke at The Rosedale Club
  • Met with Greg Rogers of The John Howard Society
  • Attended a presentation by High Parks Stewards.
  • Toronto media appearance on Sun News Network Battleground
  • International media appearance Brian The Hammer on LA Blog Talk Radio.
  • Counter Culture Media on
  • Campaign Song by Killin Time Band recorded.
  • Four policy planks decided on, More Community Gardens, Land Transfer Tax Rebate For First Time Home Buyers, Examining Freezing The Land Transfer Tax, Increase Shade To Decrease Sweltering Summers.

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