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Should Canadians Expect a Huge War on Cannabis to Come?


Yesterday we released an article outlining how the Government of Canada is changing it’s medical marijuana laws.  This change will occur next month on March 31st which will make it so medical marijuana users who have a prescription card can no longer grow their own crop or get other people to grow it for them.  They will only be allowed to get cannabis from government licenced factories, operated by large corporations.  Also the changes will make it so that medical marijuana users are not allowed to orally ingest cannabis,they can only smoke it and this will have negative effects on people who depend on oral ingestion.

In all, there will no longer be a legal excuse for anyone to grow cannabis in Canada.  It will be illegal.  No more grow operations, they will all be prosecuted under statutory law.

In 2011, under puppet Harper’s regime they passed Bill C10 (Bill C-10 The Safe Streets and Communities Act) which makes it so pot growers get more jail time than child rapist.  Yup, you read that right, for growing a plant of the earth that has medicinal value, you will be indefinitely imprisoned under this act.  A video report on Bill C10 can be seen by clicking HERE.

Now in Winnipeg a man who owns a shop that sells pipes, bongs and other paraphernalia has been arbitrarily arrested and intimidated into shutting down his shop.

“After 12 years in business, Hemp Haven owner Jeremy Loewen was arrested last week and charged by Winnipeg police for selling his products – but he said he still doesn’t understand why.

Hemp Haven is a Watt Street head shop that sells an array of smoking paraphernalia.

But Loewen says it’s a perfectly legal business.

“People can use this for all types of different things. We’ve had people come in here using them for shisha, a molasses flavoured tobacco,” he said. “[Shisha] – it’s flavoured. It smells fantastic.”

Loewen has about $160,000 worth of merchandise in his store, but since the cops showed up last Monday and charged him with possessing the proceeds of property obtained by crime and selling instruments for drug use, he has shut down his shop.

“I’m afraid to open up because they say if I open up again, I’m going to jail and I don’t understand why!” he said. “I think it’s a bunch of malarkey! Like, how can you be arrested for going to work at a legitimate business that pays their taxes, pays them on time and employs people in the community?”

Loewen wants to know why he was allowed to pay taxes on the items if police believe they were illegally obtained and he was not allowed to sell them.

“There was no crime! I obtained them from a wholesaler. I paid my taxes on it. The wholesaler paid their taxes on it when they brought it into the country,” he said. “If I’m breaking the law, then really isn’t the government breaking the law too?”

For now, Loewen will remain closed and has consulted a lawyer.”

I hear in Winnipeg they have always been much harsher punishing cannabis growers and users pursuant to various precedented court cases, but this is different. This man owns a legitimate business where even pays his taxes.

These types of things have been happening to bong/pipe shops and natural health stores all across Canada in the past few years.  Should Canadians expect to hear more stories like this?

And with the marijuana laws changing, is the government going to start utilizing smart meters more to really start cracking down on grow operations?  We know it’s already happening, but as of March 31st of this year, there will be no legal excuse under their law that allows ANYONE to grow cannabis no more.

There are literally thousands of cannabis growers out there right now (if not more) who grow cannabis for medicinal purposes under the Medical Marihuana Access Regulations (which will be the old medical marijuana law), for their selves or for a patient. With Bill C10 in place and these upcoming changes to the marijuana laws there is big breeding ground for pot growers to be institutionalized as inmates in prison.

Is March 31st the beginning of a big war on cannabis in Canada? Are we going to see dispensaries, pot growers and bong stores get raided? If so, this is a war on a medicine and is most likely being done to quickly suppress the ‘curing diseases with cannabis oil’ movement.  Or perhaps it’s a ‘power trippin’ retaliation to the legalization movement happening in America and shut it down before it even starts to happen here in Canada? Either way we are living under totalitarianism.

Totalitarianism – absolute control by the state or a governing branch of a highly centralized institution.


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