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In the heart of downtown Toronto, the 3rd annual LIFT & Co. Cannabis expo took over the city. Join us, and experience a taste of cannabis culture in the capital of Ontario. You may be surprised what you see.

From May 25th – 27th 2018, the Metro Toronto Convention Centre was buzzing with colorful and unique personalities. Raring to go, the HigherMentality team was at the event for all THREE glorious days, capturing the sight, sounds, and faces of this worldwide movement. Legalization, legislation, governance, growing, distribution and more.

Stay Elevated Friends.

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Future of Canada’s cannabis market brings options for consumers

The future of Canada’s cannabis market has plenty of options for consumers. For those who don’t want to smoke marijuana, entrepreneurs are already developing other ways for Canadians to consume cannabis.

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LIFT Toronto 2018 • North America’s Largest Cannabis EXPO • Walk Around

Walk around/B Roll footage from LIFT Toronto 2018. North America’s Largest Cannabis EXPO. May 25-27, 2018 @ Metro Toronto Convention Centre.


Bringing together leading experts from across the industry to tackle subject matter from a uniquely Canadian perspective, we are proud to host our third, highly anticipated Lift & Co. Cannabis Business Conference (LCBC).

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The Lift & Co. Expo is Canada’s Meeting Place for Cannabis. Featuring hundreds of exhibitors from around the world, renowned speakers, and the movers

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