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Since 2009, Dopechef Media has documented the cannabis community in Toronto, Canada, and Worldwide. Content includes event coverage, feature interviews, music videos, and educational documentaries.

Dopechef continues to cook up that hot media with hype flavors and exquisite styles!

Bucking prohibition, baking legalization, and following the best in cannabis activism. Frequently found covering canna-markets (Green Market, High5 Market, Lifted Market, etc.), annual events (420, GMM) and exhibitions (Lift & Co Expo, Karma Cup, NORML speakers series). A friendly media outlet for cannabis related content.

Dopechef is also a videographer for the Just+Compassion show and the Cannabis in Canada network.

It began ten years ago… July 16th 2009 at Vapor Central. The event was a farewell tour for ‘the prince of pot’ Marc Emery. The host of the event (Kal) had purchased the domain name in the early days of the internet. The plan was always to do an edibles focused cannabis cooking show. But that first video plus the years of following the Toronto Hash Mob’s Free Marc political activism campaign lead to a larger focus for Dopechef Media including cannabis community and event coverage. One of the videographers from the event (Daniel) became the defacto ‘dopechef’ on record. NEVER GIVE UP!

The footage from that speech in 2009 was eventually posted in full a few years later. It led to a national news story, when an excerpted clip entitled ‘Justin Trudeau smoked weed with Marc Emery’ was posted and gained attention in 2014. The story was literally covered in every major Canadian media outlet. Of course the story of a future Prime Minister partying with the most controversial cannabis activist drew headlines. In the wake of Mr. Trudeau’s announced intention to legalize cannabis and Mr. Emery’s criminal controversies, this saga has exasperated tings, but we just can’t quit.

The community stood strong, the events didn’t stop, and the dispensaries served patients in need. Dopechef continued as a cannabis community videographer, being at the Treating Yourself and Champs Expos when they happened. In fact trying to be at as many of the events as possible, keeping up appearances and discovering the power of community spirit. For life.

Dopechef still cookin’ in 2019

If you are here for education, entertainment, comedy, music, and the quest to end prohibition of cannabis, then this is the right spot for you. Our base is growing and cameras and rolling. With fresh ingredients for the next decade of goodness.

How about safe cannabis at fair prices? When cannabis was legalized in Canada on October 17th 2018, it was a brief celebration, but for cannabis activism the battle is not over. For instance, the Cannabis Amnesty campaign to expunge the records of current and past victims of prohibition needs to be signed and supported. There is also a campaign to get medical marihuana classified as a medicine and subsidized by health insurance plans. Justice for medical users. And much more… Stay tuned.

Now celebrating 10 years of Dopechef Media

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