Split Prophets: Paro & Bil Next – Weedmasons Anthem Ft. Jman

Video source: Sektion Red


Here’s a word of warning to both old and young
Pay head to me before it is too late

There’s a vicious plant
That looks so innocent
But it stems comes from the roots of hate

Marijuana, the Devil’s flower
If you use it, you’ll be enslaved
Marijuana, it brings you sorrow
And may send you to your grave

[Verse 1: Paro]
We crumble skunk we didn’t pay for
Billing up in A-4
Weedmason’s, Split Prophets, smoke em up’
And stay poor
Rolling up a J, f** your one spliff, we make four
Then make more
Blazed till we’re laying on the stage floor
Take yours, till your taste gauze, f** these bait laws
Burn it through the summer and the weather when the rain pours
Blim holes , and stain jaws, finish mine and take yours
Just gimme free alcohol and weed
f** a paid tour!

[Verse 2: Bil Next]
I bring the hype to ring the alarm
Bring me a farm
Full of cannabis
Ill wrap a spliff as big as my arms
Some hench blunt’s getting lit in the dark
Fingers sticky like the scissors
When ya clipping ya plants
Stiff in a trance
Bil a biff to this as big as lance
Mounted on a f**ing tripod
Ill light it, then ill sit in the dark
Hitting it hard till I’m charged
Like a flickering star
Pull the grizza out ya jar
And start billing it large!

[Chorus – Jman] – x2
I roll with a big bag a ganja
Always the smelliest
It’s peak like the Everest
I puff nuff dutch
Fam the draw is my nemesis
Bun pure raw then I’m flying like Pegasus
Un-high – Never this!

[Verse 3: Flyingmonk]
Bill a big spliff
And heal up
Till my eyes close
And seal up
If you’re into burning green
Then this track needs a wheel up
Loosen up, don’t seize up
If you’re monging out, please try and keep up
My heads feeling freer-er
I just put a half in the spliff, I need to re-up
This weed makes this f**ing lean up
I’m seeing green stuff
I’m smoking ? like kush, it ain’t never no cheap bud
It’s a dirty bed time suit
Then sleep d**
I’m out cold

[Verse 4: Res One]
It’s mister mind on his bag of weed
[Lyrics from: https:/lyrics.az/blanka/-/split-prophets-paro-bil-next-weedmasons-anthem.html]
I’m wrapping G’s
While your pa**ive leans
Lacking green sacks of weed
And bags of seed
Strap a key and unlock a new dimension
Watch human blocks of soul squash hatch
To sooth my tension
Blue bird then burn through zeus
The size of, uh, 2 Q’s
That’s not a size man, gimme the light
My right hands holding the olympian light fam
I stay high like I live in the sky spans!

[Chorus – Jman]

[Verse 5: Datkid]
Catch me smoking like a chimney
With a cigarette habit
Weed I bil it and strap it
Find a rizla and pack it
Because one spliff a day
Takes the evil away
Smoke until I fall asleep
Wake up and breathe In a J
The bog eye monster
Breath smelling like an ash tray
Back to put your plans straight
In this bong and jam mate
You’ll be like “How much Marijuana can a man take?”
THC for oxygen
I burn it in my damn grave!

[Verse 6: ???]
After starting forest fires
Blazing trees that are purple
My mind game is sideways
Going slower than a turtle
Blaze haze for days
Filling pipes and billing backflips
Chilling with a draw so f**ing fat
Let the sat whip
Lemon trees are leaving me with dead memories
So i’ll argue for an hour then forget what you said to me
I see through eyed glaze
Like Krispy Kreme donuts
Cause I reach for blunts like Cheech & Chong
To leave my mind blown up

[Chorus – Jman]

[Verse 7: Upfront MC]
Yeah I can fill a house with the amount of weed that i’ve smoked
That’s not even a joke
People tell me leave it alone
But I don’t, I keep toking till I’m feeling afloat
I pack green to the roach and roast it till I’m leaner than most
So, of an evening I’m stoned sat with a healthy sack of green weed
Don’t know how I smoke so much, well I find it easy
We be the SP team, Weedmasons EP
Smoke till I choke and my lungs are weezy

[Verse 8: Prime]
Big spliffs and bigger ones getting burned down quick
I love them big buds that are tight like a fist
But explode inside the crusher dropping bombs of the piff
It’s armageddon up inside when I’m lighting this sh**
Right in the fit
Cloud of smoke, yeah that’s me
Rolling up zoots so damn big it’s kinda hard for you to perceive
I ain’t dealing with a single
I’m sticking all the rizzla’s together
This ain’t a phase I’ll be burning grade forever

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