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Mr. Greens Novelties’ April 20 COVID closure order tossed

By Sheila Gunn Reid|July 06, 2021

Do you remember Mr. Greens Novelties? How could you forget the dynamic duo of Shawn and Daphne Donaldson, owners of a mom and pop cannabis accessories retailer in Sudbury, Ontario, and their battle for their business amidst the COVID lockdown?

The lockdown already claimed one of their locations, so the Donaldsons had enough and thunder doors open to customers again in defiance of the restrictions on retail stores that weren’t Walmart, Costco or Loblaws.

Their customers and their community loved them for it, but the authorities had different ideas.

The pair were issued tickets and fines and eventually closure notices. We knew we had to help, so we took them into the program, where in partnership with the registered Canadian charity the Democracy Fund, we put Canadians facing lockdown infractions in touch with top criminal and civil litigators at no cost to them.

Daphne and Shawn became freedom fighters in their own right, cheering on and supporting anti-lockdown protests in their community and encouraging other businesses to take a stand.

And now I have wonderful news: the Donaldsons have had their charges and fines related to their business tossed out of court, thanks to the help of their top notch lawyers from Nirmala Armstrong Law.

These two are so deserving. And I’m proud we were able to help them with the generous donations of Rebel News viewers and supporters.

Thank you to everyone who made this happen. We couldn’t have done it without you. This is as much your victory against tyrannical government overreach as it is the Donaldsons’.

Fight The Fines is currently helping nearly 2,000 Canadians, small businesses and pastors fight their lockdown tickets in court. And the wins are starting to trickle in. Donations there now qualify for a charitable tax receipt through The Democracy Fund.

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