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Pheno Hunting Exotic Cannabis Strains with Pheno Hunter S. Thompson – Deep Roots: Pheno Exotic

Pheno Hunting the Best Exotic Strains – Pheno Exotic

Pheno Exotic in Las Vegas prides itself on hunting and growing the best exotic cannabis strains. Join Garrett Leon as he checks out their secrets and explores the Las Vegas Strip in search of the best in cannabis culture and growing.

Pheno Exotic is a different, unique kind of cannabis company that wants to provide what the others are not in terms of cultivars and quality. Founded upon a passion for pheno-hunting and a desire to test the limits of what’s possible in the cannabis industry, Pheno Exotic takes pride in its commitment to stray from the ordinary and seek out tomorrow’s most exotic strains.

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Strains (nothing for sale): Hazmat, Wedding Cake, Mimosa, MAC, Watermelon Sangria, 91 Chem Dog x Animal Cookies, Animal Mints x Face on Fire, Jet Fuel, Peanut Butter Souffle, Blueberry Sin Mint, Zelato, Tokyo Drip, G Mac, Jet Fuel, Peanut Butter Souffle, Tokyo Drip

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