About Dopechef Media

Dopechef Media is documenting the culture & community of cannabis/marijuana/pot/weed including coverage of events and featuring interviews with connoisseurs, celebrities, activists, artists, & experts. Dopechef has been heralded by the Cannabis Champion as:

 The pottarazzi in my life.”

Matt Mernagh

In the Summer of 2013 a Dopechef clip of the Prince of Pot talking about smoking pot with Justin Trudeau made headlines on national media:

 There’s a video – and from what I’m told, it’s a good one, mostly – of me speaking at Toronto’s Vapor Central during that tour.”

Marc Emery

DOPECHEF has covered such events as 420 Toronto, the Global Marijuana March and Freedom Festival, Treating Yourself Expo, Champs Expo, movie premieres, and the return of Marc Emery in August 2014 with footage featured and credited on VICE Canadian Cannabis.


Time to blaze forward and strive to bring you the best original cannabis community coverage plus links to the most vital dope information and entertainment on the www.


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