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Green Market Nuit Verte Anniversary 2017

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Green Market Toronto's Nuit Verte Anniversary 2017 XXX Parental Advisory: Explicit art work on display! XXX (18+ Rated R restricted viewing) #GreenMarketTO at the SuperWonder Gallery | September 29th 2017 The one-yea...

Julian Fantino: From mandatory minimums to marijuana profits

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Julian Fantino, who once compared weed to murder, defends opening medical marijuana business Wednesday November 15, 2017 The former Toronto police chief and politician who once compared legalizing weed to legali...

Cannabis smuggling in Florida

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Cannabis in Florida Florida was the first state to pass the Uniform State Narcotic Act when the public demanded relief from Reefer Madness propaganda. But in 2014 Florida passed the Medical Cannabis Act. Now all th...

Riding High on the Extract Express

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Riding High Aboard the Extract Express to Cannabis Day Peterborough 2017 - The Just Compassion Show July 1st 2017 Welcome aboard the Extract Express! Please enjoy this video from our latest adventure aboard our wonde...

Wiz Khalifa Smokes Up With Leonardo

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Wiz Khalifa shares a joint with Leonardo From the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on SKEE Live