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The positive impact of MMPR?

CANNABIS REGULATIONS ARE A ‘STEP IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION’ – AT LEAST FOR THE INDUSTRY Medpot experts weigh in as new law turns one BY DARRYL COOTE MAY 5, 2015 Medical marijuana regulations that limit how patients can legally obtain the drug have been in place […]

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Cannabidiol Exposed

Angry Beaver co-hosts are joined by Susanne Posel of Occupy Corporatism and the US Independent to talk about the fraud going on in the cannabidiol industry. We also discuss medical marijuana, recreational marijuana and much more… More info on CBD marketing schemes check the article Meet the […]

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Seedsman Investigates: Cancer and Cannabis

Seedsman Investigates… Cancer and Cannabis In this special report, Seedsman heads to the University of Madrid to discuss the research into Cannabis and its possible anti-cancer properties.

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