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Matt Mernagh does Ganja School

MY GANJA TEACH-IN Weed farmers at Hotbox Jamaica’s Ganja School want to know how to grow quality exports for Canada’s medpot market, but Health Canada seems freaked out by the idea BY MATT MERNAGH St. Ann’s Bay, Jamaica – Jamaican ganja farmers have been using the […]

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Top 10 countries that smoke marijuana

The United Nations just released its annual World Drug Report for 2014. The report, prepared by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, summarizes data on various illegal drugs around the globe, including marijuana. Along with drug trafficking updates, the UN also provides a breakdown […]

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Canadian Medical Ganja Import it from Jamaica

Canada Wants Weed – Medical Ganja Company Boss Says Country Would Purchase Jamaican Marijuana Published: Tuesday | January 21, 2014 Blaine Dowdle, CEO of MedCannAccess, Canada, looks on as Wanda James, member of Cannabis Global Initiative out of Colorado, addresses the public session of the […]

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