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Malia Obama smoking weed

VIDEO: MALIA OBAMA APPEARS TO BE SMOKING A JOINT AT LOLLAPALOOZA ILLINOIS – President Obama’s oldest daughter was recording on video smoking what appears to be a marijuana joint at the Lollapalooza music festival. Reporters have reached out to the White House but so far no comment on […]

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did JFK smoke up in the White House?

How John F. Kennedy Smoked Medical Marijuana in Office “Suppose the Russians did something now,” JFK reportedly said after smoking three joints at the White House to relieve pain. By Substance – Monday, December 15 2014 Anybody who is still undecided on the medical marijuana issue may […]

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Barack Obama smoking green

– Unknown artist   OBAMA: Marijuana Is No More Dangerous Than Alcohol  BRETT LOGIURATO President Barack Obama said in an interview published Sunday that he believes smoking marijuana is no more dangerous than drinking alcohol. And he suggested it’s even less dangerous “in terms of […]

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