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Bringing The Chronic Marijuana Back

Back in the day when Slick Willy was president, potheads loved theirChronic. To put it in perspective for today’s stoners, it was the kush of cannabis. A champion of all cannabis champs. A Serious Seeds contender, until the best kush came around and eventually knocked it out. Potheads used to ask for marijuana by asking their dealer if they had any Chronic. Not so much these days.

Instead when people are talking about chronic in my cannabis circles it’s about their chronic pain or illness. When it comes to pain issues this cannabis strain is fire. It’s going to knock my pain levels down several notches while not locking me to my couch. Back in 2000 Serious Seeds updated the marijuana strain slightly by adding in a bit more sativa, strictly to improve taste. Chronic has a great taste, that’s now classic, but people did complain back then their cannabis lacked taste.



I’ve posted several Chronic marijuana videos on my YouTube channel recently. It has a beautiful center cola and very tight side branches. The classic cannabis look is perfect for sea of green setups or commercial grows. Doesn’t take up much space, while producing an awesome yield.

Unfortunately out of the marijuana seeds I germinated only one was female. However, it’s been a very easy marijuana plant to grow and is very first time grower friendly. Should have kept this one as a mother plant it’s that beautiful.

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