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Prairie Medicinal Harvest Cup Is Exhausting


I arrived in Saskatoon Thursday noon for Prairie Medicinal Harvest Cup and didn’t stop inhaling until the wee hours of Monday morning. The friendly people of the prairie provinces not only puff professionally, but they have amazing hospitality and pride in their homegrown marijuana.

Today, I’m brutally exhausted from hosting a three day cannabis tasting festival with the Pot TV crew. My left shoulder is barely working, my brain tumor has deafened my left ear completely and my fibromyaliga is running rampant – however I wouldn’t change a damn thing.

Thursday afternoon standing on the Odeon stage by myself I came to the quick realization attendees were coming not just for cannabis, but to be entertained. Like a pro wrestler I’ll put my body on the line to bring cannabis cheer and ganja good times because my mama made me for one thing to get up stage and perform shit hot.

I’m glad I packed my 12 inch platform boots and a trunk of cool outfits, but my vintage senses were tingling. Something was out there and it turned out to be a 1977 Fisher Price projector for children 4-10. Still in the box with a Value Village price tag of $34.95. I also found a watch with a hemp wristband and a boa of sorts.

Too Much Fun!Standing on the Odeon stage (which will have Hanson and Matthew Good Band on it next) I decided to bring the best ganja game ever…and not jump off it. I cranked this weekend not just to pay-per-view levels, but beyond any 4/20 rally I’ve hosted.

My body feels black and blue, but thankfully the prairie cannabis and dabs are top tier. The blueberry bho was a necessary relief and it kept me going. Not sure how I would have made it through the weekend without Blueberry. Hwy 10 had some of the best DJ Short Blueberry buds everah.

I’ve only experienced the greatness of Head to Head, who knew there were other equally as good. Twenty something strains from my guidebook were grown in Canada’s flatlands.

Many had only seen or heard how much awesomeness is had in Canada’s cannabis capitals. This weekend people from these capitals descended on Saskatoon to bring the cannabis culture. The more Jeremiah, Opus and I spend together the better our Pot TV shows are.

Skunk Funk owner Jeff Lundstrum has been too many, manycannabis competitions and has cherry picked some of the best ideas. The late start time was greatly appreciated!Jeff Lundstrum

The judge’s ballot is exactly what an author of Marijuana Smoker’s Guidebook wants to see. Next year I would like to sponsor it. The ballot was highly detailed and I really enjoyed the role of weed whip. Encouraging and explaining the importance of voting for your best marijuana strain.

These prairie boys take a very quiet pride in their growing.

Jeff really stressed to me the importance of judging. He knew exactly how many ballots were distributed (100) and wanted a solid return. He was almost in tears on Sunday when the ballot returns were in (60). I got a big bear hug and he said, “They did it Matt! They did it!” The attendees were given a job and didn’t disappoint.

Physically and mentally exhausted I’ll be mellowing the next few weeks. The key is gentle stretching, plenty of rest (fibromyalgia will act up if I stay in bed too long tho) and freshly squeezed juices. I’m glad I’ve learned how to manage my health because it allows me to do incredibly fun things and then quietly recover.



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