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We know you haven’t heard from us for awhile, but it’s not because we’ve stopped working to end prohibition, but rather because we’ve been putting all of our time into a new project: Sensible BC.

Sensible BC is currently working to force a vote on marijuana prohibition in British Columbia. If we can get on the ballot, we can end the criminalization of marijuana possession, and begin the process of creating a legal framework for marijuana in British Columbia.

We’re hoping you’ll join us in supporting Sensible BC, but if not, you can unsubscribe below and we will not contact you again. We hope you’ll help us though.

The Sensible BC campaign is a massive effort to engage volunteers and mobilize public support. Can you help us reach as many people as possible by making a small donation today?

Referendum rules and thresholds in British Columbia are some of the toughest in the world. To be safe, we need over half a million signatures by the start of December to trigger this referendum. Elections BC rules state that every signature must be collected by a registered volunteer. In order to make this happen, we’re going to need at least 6000 volunteers province wide, and they need support.

Each volunteer requires training, support, as well as buttons and other materials necessary to promote our campaign. And because we’ve got volunteers working in every corner of BC, our campaign has encountered massive printing and shipping costs. To put it bluntly, our campaign won’t succeed without a lot of help from people like you

Your donation will help us to pay for important campaign expenses like:

  • Printing enough “Initiative Petition” sheets to collect a half a million signatures

  • Promotional materials needed to inform the public about our campaign

  • Shipping costs from mailing organizing kits to every corner of the province

As we speak, our volunteers are spending countless hours on the campaign trail, putting in their time and energy to make history here in BC. Will you help us help our volunteers make this campaign a success?

Sensible BC is our best chance to end marijuana prohibition in BC and start the process across Canada. We hope you’ll join us.

Thank you! & Sensible BC

PS: Bob Erb, a passionate and generous supporter, has committed to match your donation to the Sensible BC campaign – so every dollar that you give is actually worth two to us. Please, help us make sure our volunteers have the materials they need by making a donation now.


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