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Cannabus stalked by RCMP

Posted on 11/12/2013 by xtofury

Just A warning to those whom might be considering signing the Sensible BC petition (or even looking at their campaign in person).  The RCMP is targeting individuals that associate with the campaign in hopes of increasing drug busts.  Here’s a video from the sensible BC campaign:

The cops pretend like they are innocent, but they are obviously lying, and coming up with plausible deniability relative to their stalking of the sensible BC campaign.  I am glad to have stumbled upon this in my email yesterday, because the word needs to get out that the system here in BC works very much in this way.  Here in BC the cops hold a lot of power, and they indeed do engage in political targeting of individuals in addition to what they have done here, and it is not just RCMP but also municipal cops as well.

It is important to remember that the police are public servants, they are here to serve YOU.  They are not here to be meter maids, that is only a modern day corruption to their duties to maintain the peace in the commons, and anything beyond that is tyranny.  It is unlikely that the police would ever charge themselves for the crime they are committing here.  It should be clear that these cops, as nice as some of them can be, are not trustworthy and frequently defy the public trust instilled upon them.

The solution should be clear.  These police need to wear cameras.  Those cameras should not have an off button to them either.  Anything short of this would not sufficiently weed out the corruption.  I suspect even though they have been essentially caught, that there’ll be plenty of excuses to try and coax the victim into not pursuing a complaint against those cops.  Even if a complaint gets made to professional services, that would result in other cops who would investigate until they have enough of an excuse to let their “buddies” off.  That is how policing typically works in this country.

If you do get pulled over — be sure to record the police on video (using your cell phone for example).  Be certain to exercise your right to remain silent.  Do not consent to searches.  Demand to know why you are being pestered by them, try to catch their BS excuses like, “suspicious vehicle reported”, etc.  Exercise your rights, and if it is immediately after associating with Sensible BC, be sure to mention to the cop that you do not appreciate the politically motivated intimidation and that you’ll be reporting it to the campaign.  Give the campaign the video footage so that they can compile records of evidence of their behaviour.


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