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Ford Nation Fucked Pot Growers

By Matt Mernagh, Cannabis Culture – Wednesday, November 20 2013

CANNABIS CULTURE – International crack celebrity Mayor Rob Ford has been known for his tough-on-crime stances.

The Conservative base is built on ideology of middle- and lower-class law and order and Ford catered to them when he had nothing substantial to offer.

Incredibly, despite the fact he was ripping a bong and smoking joints, Toronto’s Mayor Ford went after pot growers.

Back in the day, Ford was placed in the political boonies known as the Municipal Licensing and Standards Board. While possibly stoned on weed, Ford concocted a scheme to punish the city’s pot growers via licensing inspectors.

The board and then a lefty council passed his anti-bud bylaw that leveled hefty fines via building inspectors on busted grows. This is where Ford and I crossed paths. During my deputation to the Municipal Licensing and Standards Board, I spoke to Ford specifically about wasting tax dollars and earning revenue via an Amsterdam model.

Had I known he was puffing proud behind closed doors, I would’ve outted the fucker. Does he even know where marihuana comes from?

My toker senses always tingled around Ford. It’s like Spider-Man’s Spidey Sense or Gaydar and it’d go off large around the big guy. The weird attractionI’ve had all these years can now be easily explained as weed-related.

Politicians who admit to pot never say they really enjoyed the experience or did it more than a few times, but Ford was honest, he “smokes lots of it”.

It’s unfathomable (akin to a closeted gay Russian leader favoring hate laws), but lost in the cacophony of a media on crack, Rob Ford was smoking lots of weed and passed a bylaw against growing ganja.

Now that’s cracked!

Matt Mernagh is a regular contributor to Cannabis Culture and author of“Marijuana Smoker’s Guidebook: The Easy Way To Identify and Enjoy Marijuana Strains” from Amazon.


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