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Cannabis Celebrities Fall 2013
Dopechef Media nominates Miley Cyrus, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Chief Keef for Autumn 2013

Hollywood is at it again with celebrities toking through the season all the way to the Fall 2013 Celebrities supporting Cannabis list.

Pop singer Miley Cyrus made the most public display this fall when she lit up a joint and inhaled on stage during the MTV Europe Awards. Cyrus was also featured in Rolling Stone Magazine where she told an interviewer I think weed is the best drug on earth. One time I smoked a joint with peyote in it, and I saw a wolf howling at the moon.”

Actor and filmmaker Joseph Gordon Levitt made headlines while promoting his latest film Don Juan when he mentioned that he came up with the movie idea while high on weed. Gordon-Levitt told radio host Howard Stern The way I use [pot], I absolutely think it has a positive influence on my creative process.”

Also, 18-year-old violent rapper Chief Keef is no stranger to the law having been charged with numerous offenses over the past few years but one thing has remained consistent, Keef always tests positive for cannabis. On November 6th 2013 Chief Keef was admitted to a treatment center in Malibu, California, as part of a court ordered 90-day rehab program to deal with marijuana addiction.

Thanks for prompting the issue of cannabis consumption to the mainstream popular culture Dopechef salutes these celebrities of the season Fall 2013.

Photographic sources Miley Cyrus / Joseph Gordon Levitt / Chief Keef

BONUS SPECIAL Honourable mention goes to the entire Ford Nation, with Dopechef based in Toronto and the C.E.O. of the City Rob Ford recently making international headlines as the highest Mayor in the World. Although commonly associated with crack-cocaine and alcohol binges, Mayor Ford is also a Cannabis consumer he’s smoked a lot of it and admitted to buying weed while in the office. The community of supporters around Mayor Rob Ford, referred to as Ford Nation, have stuck by their fearless leader throughout his drug-related scandals and revelations. We give respect to Ford Nation in Fall 2013.

Mayor of Toronto Rob Ford with Director of Communications Amin Massoudi and Ford Nation
Ford Nation and Mayor of Toronto Rob Ford with Director of Communications Amin Massoudi (right)

Some highlights relating to Ford Nation and cannabis include:

The Mayor’s Brother and Councillor of Ward 2 Doug Ford, an admitted smoker in the past who denies slanging hashish attempted to peer-pressure the rest of Toronto City Council to reveal their personal drug use. The Mayor’s friend Conrad Black called for the legalization of pot and an end to the failed war on drugs. The Mayor’s occasional driver Sandro is believed to smoke in his vehicle and was charged with trafficking a half-pound of marijuana. During Sandro’s arrest he was allegedly holding a hollowed-out can of ginger-ale containing a baggy of weed.  Sandro was arrested along with Jamshid the owner of Richview Cleaners  who is also a medical marijuana license holder allowing him to produce 292 plants indoors, possess 1800 grams for personal use and store 13140 grams. Beside Richview Cleaners is Richview Jewellers run by Dan the Jeweller who allegedly sold 1 pound of marijuana to an undercover officer. The Mayor’s Communications Director, Amin (see picture above) was reportedly fired from Ford’s campaign in 2010 after police found marijuana in his car, then later hired back by Ford. Former-assistant Chief of Staff to Mayor Ford, Chris told detectives about Ford smoking a joint at his home and offering it around October 2012, the same story was corroborated by his girlfriend Victoria. Former-executive assistant Kia told detectives about a time he found a joint in the Mayor’s desk that later mysteriously disappeared. Former-Press Secretary George told detectives about women who have come to City Hall saying they smoked weed with Ford outside a bar. Another part alleges Mayor Ford becomes mean-spirited when not allowed to smoke pot. Sandro also is alleged to have traded 1.5 pounds of Kush to gang members for Mayor Ford’s lost-or-stolen phone. And Rob Ford was arrested in Florida in 1999 and charged with a DUI and possession of Marijuana, the possession charge was dropped after Ford pled ‘no contest’ and did some community service. Many of the above examples were revealed through extensive police investigation ITO documents, of the total 618 pages released the term marihuana is found on 99 pages. To top off the year Mayor Ford went all out during a City Council dance party jammin’ to One Love made famous by the legendary Bob Marley.

Unfortunately, because Rob Ford has spent his political career fighting for the side of prohibition with a zero-tolerance approach on drugs, and Marc Emery having warned us all about the hypocrisy of politicians, Dopechef Media can only bring itself to declare an honourable mention for Ford Nation.

Photographic sources Ford Nation

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