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It’s that time of year again! Time to spread some love and gifts to the less fortunate on Toronto’s streets.  I’m really thinking I should rename this to “Milk And Cookie And Cannabis for the Less Fortunate” … that may happen next year!  Not everybody in this video (or the others) sleeps or lives on the streets. Many stay in shelters, abandoned buildings or stay in other shared accommodations. Their funds are low and essentials we take for granted are luxuries to them.  At the end of the day, ALL these people are in need!

It’s amazing to see a small idea I had 3 years ago become such  an anticipated community event.  I was receiving emails in September asking when and where donations could be dropped off. This year I received almost double the donations than I had received the year before.  That  meant we could include $10 coffee/gift card, socks and scarves – things that were not in the bags the previous years. Our cannabis community really dug deep in their pockets and provided 40 gift bags for people on Toronto’s streets.

Here is the video of the people I met and gave our gifts too. THANK YOU to EVERYBODY that took part in helping make this happen!

*Please note: I took it upon myself to hand out cannabis. The people who donated are not responsible for that!  

Lotsa Love!!!!!
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