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 // On January 4, 2014
Colorado began allowing the sale of recreational marijuana on January 1 to anyone age 21 or older. One day later, a two-year-old girl tested positive for pot and ended up in the hospital.

Police in Longmont, Colorado are trying to figure out how the toddler got her hands on the pot, which here mother says happened when she “ate part of a cookie she found on the ground outside of their apartment.”

The mother said she took the cookie away from her little girl but noticed something was wrong about a half hour later.

“She was asleep, she was opening and closing her eyes and she couldn’t walk really well. She was weak. They do a blood test and that’s when they told me. That was a surprise. It’s everywhere now that it’s legal, they have it everywhere.”

Police say they believe the mother, who agreed to take a blood test.

Under Colorado’s new recreation marijuana law that went into effect New Year’s Day, residents can now buy pot like alcohol — with the cannabis purchase limited to one ounce, which could cost $200 or more.

The group Smart Colorado, which is dedicated to protecting children from marijuana, believes edible pot products don’t have enough regulations and subsequently, more of them will end up in the hands of children. Let’s hope not.


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