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Toronto Mayor Election 2014 Campaign Commences

Canada’s longest running political campaign – Toronto Mayor Election 2014 campaign commenced today Jan. 2/2014 and I went down to city hall with nomination papers and registered. For the past six months, like other top tier candidates, I’ve declined friends suggestions to run for mayor.

Originally I wanted to challenge in Davenport because I believe we could give the incumbents a run for their money. However, my support is spread across Toronto and asking friends who live in other wards to pitch for a Davenport campaign didn’t feel right because on election night they couldn’t drop an X for me.

I didn’t want to inspire people politically to volunteer their time and money, who couldn’t ultimately vote because they didn’t live in Davenport. We’ve identified Toronto’s largest voting block – the non voter and it’s my goal to spark them into action.

When bud was on the ballot in Colorado an increase in youth voter turnout of twenty-five percent happened. More voters voted for cannabis legalization than President Obama. Here in Toronto there’s a huge cult of personality happening in the mayor’s office that has the disengaged engaged.

Many of the people who have suggested I run for mayor have never voted before – let alone volunteer on a campaign. Over 100 people have hit like on my FaceBook, which is a great base to start drawing support from. Thankfully I have Chris Goodwin, who has very little in common with me politically, but is an excellent organizer, who has agreed to be my official agent. Several other friends in the coming weeks will be pitching in to make Mernagh’s Metro happen and it’s going to snowball all the way to the polls in October.

Our campaign was kicked off with a Tweet and Toronto Star city hall reporter Daniel Dale tweeted, “Noted marijuana activist Matt Mernagh (@Mernahuana) says he has registered to run for mayor.”

“He may have trouble differentiating himself from Rob Ford,” wrote Toronto Life about my candidacy in Eight Curious Candidates Who Are Running For Office in 2014.

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