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Medical Marijuana Laws Being Changed- Hiding Medicinal Properties And Hands Control to Govt









As of right now (Feb 3, 2014) people who use cannabis for medicinal purposes who have a prescription card can grow their own crop or get a DG (designated grower) to grow it for them or they can go to medical marijuana dispensaries.  This is all done through the Medical Marihuana Access Regulations legislation.

But this won’t last for long!  Slowly up until this point we’ve seen a war on medical cannabis in Canada with medical marijuana growers and dispensaries being raided.  Now Health Canada has announced that next month:

“The Marihuana Medical Access Program ends on March 31, 2014. This is also the date that all Authorizations to Possess, Personal-Use Production Licences and Designated-Person Production Licences expire. As of April 1, 2014, the only legal access to marihuana for medical purposes will be through licensed producers under the Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations, even if you have an authorization to possess or a licence to produce that has a later date.”

The Government of Canada is changing the medical marijuana laws.  They are making it so that only a few very large licenced producers will mass grow it and medical marijuana patients will no longer be allowed to grow it, get DG’s to grow it for them and will not be able to get it from medical marijuana dispensaries. They will have to get it from a few of those government licensed producers.


The more bizarre thing about this whole story is the fact that they are telling marijuana patients that they can not orally ingest cannabis which means they cannot extract cannabinoids from the bud and make into edibles like cake (etc) or tea, or even converting into oil form.

This is going to have a very negative impact on certain patients. Dan Dicks of Press for Truth gave an example to Terry in an interview stating that he interviewed a lady who needs up to 100 grams of cannabis a day because she has a brutal disease called Trigeminal neuralgia aka “the suicide disease”.  It is a neuropathic disorder characterized by episodes of intense pain in the face, originating from the trigeminal nerve.   Cannabis’s analgesic properties are best felt when orally ingested. In order to fully ingest a hundred grams this lady would have to convert the cannabis to edibles and when these new changes come into play then when she does that to treat her disease she will be breaking statutory law.

Also orally ingesting the extracted cannabinoids is much more medically beneficial than smoking the cannabis bud.  In 2012, we interviewed Rick Simpson who alleges he cured over 5,000 people of many diseases by giving them cannabis oil.  The different types of diseases are different types of cancers, aids, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, diabetes, chronic pain, arthritis, leukemia STDs like herpies, warts, moles, rashes, boils , all types of skin conditions and much more. Rick permanently cured his arthritis that was in his knees and his Post Concussion Syndrome by ingesting the oil.

Could this be the reason why the Government of Canada/Health Canada is so reluctant on allowing medical marijuana patients to extract the cannabinoids? If the above statements are true that would mean the whole pharmaceutical industry would crumble.  Is Health Canada part of a compartmentalized partnership with Big Pharma?

Cancer patients pay thousands and thousands of dollars to treat their disease.  Rick alleges that one can cure cancer by ingesting 120 – 180 grams of oil over a specific period of time.  1 pound of very dry bud is all is needed to make that much oil, and 1 pound of bud can be made from one seed.  Imagine the implications of this information getting out to the general public.  Cure massive amounts of diseases by growing 1 female plant from 1 seed!  Could this be the reason why the medical marijuana laws are being changed?

Rick Simpson has originated and now many others are taking on the initiative to try to cure people of the stated diseases.  Another one is Ronnie Smith from the USA, of who  claims he has cured his leukemia and has also helped cure over 1,000 people with the oil.  Even big hollywood ‘pot celebrity’, Tommy Chong cured his cancer with cannabis oil 

The new Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations is an infringement on our medical rights.  Since when does a human being have the right to tell another human being what they can and cannot use as medicine and how they can and cannot use it?

People have to understand although cannabis does give euphoria (which enhances thoughts in creativity) it is not like ‘hard drugs’.  This plant is an extremely medicinal plant and even the government recognizes it, otherwise there wouldn’t be any medical marijuana patients.

After all there is a US patent for cannabinoids , Patent #6630507, which states that cannabinoids have been found to have antioxidant properties.  Antioxidants are found in vegetables.


Decriminalization  is the abolition of criminal penalties in relation to certain acts.
Legalization removes criminal charges from an action, but leaves intact associated laws and regulations.

As some of you may know Canadian Awareness Network had a chance to question the head of Liberal Party- Justin Trudeau at the Dundas Farmers Market located in Hamilton Ontario.  We asked Trudeau if he supports decriminalization of cannabis.  He replied to us firmly that he does not support decriminalization but he supports legalization. Shortly after we met Trudeau at the farmers market, he went public and made a statement that he smoked cannabis while he was MP and calls for legalization of cannabis.

If cannabis is only legalized it still gives government control over the actions of that plant  as Terry explains in a video, and he also makes mention it’s fishy that the hype about legalization might be related to GM cannabis.  They legalize cannabis but will sell GM cannabis for the market or now with the medical marijuana laws changing and giving more control to the government maybe GM cannabis might be forced onto patients sometime in the future?

Basically if we decriminalize cannabis we can grow it in our gardens with the rest of our fruits and vegetables with no government intervention.  But if we legalize it the government can still regulate it, make restrictions, administer fines and give licences to grow.  Imagine if tomatoes and peppers were regulated where you need a licence to grow it and if you had too many tomatoes or vegetables you would get a fine.  Government can also tax it and control the revenue of the taxes generated.  Legalized pot could generate up to $7.5B in tax revenue according to an article published in the Edmonton Journal.

Legalizing it though is still better than the route that Canada is going down now with the new Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations.  It looks like the USA is beating Canada to the punch when it comes to legalizing it.

ARTICLE SOURCE: Canadian Awareness Network


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