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U.N. Report Calls Marijuana Legalization Is A “Grave Danger”

Posted on March 7, 2014 by  in Health, World News

Only days after the Canadian government claimed that people growing medical marijuana pose a serious threat to public safety, the United Nations Narcotics Control Board has released their 2014 Annual Report condemning the legalization of the plant.

The head of the International Narcotics Control Board (INCB), the UN body for enforcing international drug treaties, calls the moves toward legalization “misguided initiatives,” and says the places that legalized marijuana are contravening UN drug treaties.

The U.N. report cites information from several states in the U.S. that have legalized marijuana totally. Including statistics that point to an increase in cannabis-related traffic accidents in Colorado, to prove their point that legalization is a bad and misguided idea.

The report calls on the U.S. federal government to “ensure that the treaties are fully implemented on the entry of its territory” (in essence asking for a federal crack down in states that have legalized)

The report also states:

“Drug traffickers will choose the path of least resistance, so, it is essential that global efforts to tackle the drug problem are unified.”

“INCB is concerned about some initiatives aimed at the legalization of the non-medical and non-scientific use of cannabis. Such initiatives, if pursued, would pose a grave danger to public health and well-being, the very things the states, in designing the conventions, intended to protect.”

“INCB looks forward to maintaining an ongoing dialogue with all countries, including those where such misguided initiatives are being pursued, with a view to ensuring the full implementation of the conventions and protecting public health.”

The report is also directed towards Uruguay. The first nation to fully legalize marijuana. President Jose Mujica has responded by stating:

“Well, we will be paying them just about as much attention as the great powers do when they make decisions regularly”

“We are going to win this one, by showing the road to reform”



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