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Mega Ill pizza is taking pot pies to a whole new level!


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This guy is planning to bring marijuana-topped pizzas to Toronto

(Image: Mark Klokeid)

The guy pictured above is Mark Klokeid, better known in some circles as Mr. Weed Guy: medical-marijuana user, self-described “life-living expert” and member of a thriving online pot-appreciation community where snapshots like this are pretty standard. As the proprietor of Canada’s first medical-marijuana restaurant, Mega Ill in Vancouver, Klokeid has been getting a lot of media attention lately—most recently for his ambitious pot-pizzeria expansion plans. “I really want to do Toronto,” Klokeid told the Star. He said he’s planning on flying into town sometime next month to scout locations.

At Mega Ill, customers with pot prescriptions can bring in their own bud and have it sprinkled over pizzas, or blended into a special oil. The place isn’t a total a weed-eating free-for-all, though: only legit prescription holders who are over 18 are allowed to order pot-topped pizzas. (Other people are apparently free to vape, and also to satiate their THC-induced munchies with delicious pizza. They just can’t do both simultaneously.) Klokeid says he makes a point of supervising the restaurant to discourage any illicit slice sharing.

According to his online bio, Klokeid got really into pot when he was diagnosed with a type of blood cancer in 2003. Now he runs a weed-appreciation website called, where he posts videos of him and his friends smoking tonnes of weed. (The most recent installment, Cracking Open Killer Weed, is embedded below.)

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