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Lab Develops Odorless Weed


A legion of mad marijuana breeders operating at a high-security laboratory in Vancouver recently began manipulating the DNA of hundreds of strains in hopes of developing a new generation of cannabis for the sick.

According to reports, MediJean is currently experimenting with about 224 marijuana strains in an attempt to breed a selection of high-potency varieties, which can then be used to treat a broad range of debilitating ailments, including cancermultiple sclerosis and epilepsy.

Jean Chiasson, CEO for MediJean, says scientists have produced about 40 new strains, all of which possess a great ability to heal and help. One strain, he boasts, is completely odorless.

What’s interesting is that while this fortress of the high sciences is busy producing super strains for the sick, they are doing so under a security clearance just one step beneath the requirements of military bases.

That’s because recent regulations imposed by Health Canada make it mandatory for all marijuana facilities to have super security. In the case of MediJean, the facility’s location is kept confidential; surveillance cameras are positioned all over the property; photography is strictly prohibited and visitors are required to go through checkpoints upon entering or leaving the facility.

We hope to test the company’s odorless weed soon – add a vape pen to that we you have ganja you can smoke anywhere.

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