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Toronto City Councillor Giorgio Mammoliti appeared on the Deancast #9 podcast hosted by Dean Blundell, in a hard hitting interview discussing his role in Mayor Rob Ford’s inner circle, drug addiction and treatment, racism, brain surgery, red-light districts on Toronto island, Doug Ford for Mayor, and legalization of marijuana.

Check out the audio clip below to hear why Councillor Mammoliti supports legalization U+21B4.svg

Should it be illegal? I would say to you, no… I think it should be regulated, I think if you did that you’d have safer stuff out there and you wouldn’t necessarily have to worry about all the enforcement money that’s pumped into weed. Right? Let’s take that money and put it into some of the other real drugs that do real harm to people.

Councillor Giorgio Mammoliti – Ward 7 (York-West)


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