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As Canadians celebrate Victoria Day 2014, Dopechef takes a moment to research the rumours that Queen Victoria used cannabis to treat menstrual cramps.


1890: A cannabis tincture is prescribed to Queen Victoria

In 1890 Sir J. Russel Reynolds, neurologist and physician was the personel phycisian of Queen Victoria the monarch of the United Kingdom. Sir Russell Reynolds, prescribed a cannabis tincture for the menstrual cramps the Queen was suffering from.

In an issue of  The Lancet which is one of the world’s best known, oldest, and most respected weekly general medical journals Reynolds writes, “When pure and administered carefully, [cannabis] is one of the most valuable medicines we possess”. [1]

1. Reynolds, J. Russell, 1890. Therapeutic Uses and Toxic Effects of Cannabis Indica, Lancet 1 (March 22, 1890), 637-638. Reprinted in Mikuriya, 1973, 145-149.

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Read historic PDF: Therapeutical Uses and Toxic Effects of Cannabis Indica – Dr Reynolds

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