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DopeChef Does Toronto Champs Cannabis Expo


Toronto videographer DopeChef and I did some spontaneous video segments together during Toronto Champs cannabis expo a few weeks back and he’s just released the footage. The segments offer a glimpse of some of the crazy cannabis good times that are constantly happening around me during marihuana events – there’s never a dull moment!

The Champs Expo in Toronto didn’t have the high end trade show glitz the TY Expo demonstrated. The trade show floor had more of a flea marketing feeling to it and beer sales and beer pong took away from the cannabis vibe too. One US bong seller insisted their products were for tobacco use only.

Gone were numerous marijuana seed breeders who brought their big marketing budgets to their booths. However, the breeders who did attend made sales and renewed friendships. Possibly the changes to the MMPR – prohibiting homegrown medical grows and a weak commercial export market (because US legal and medical marihuana is growing) – kept some of the bigger breeders away.

Delta 9 Labs returned and it was great to see Ed Borg bring affordable seed pricing. Borg said people were seeking a variety of strains, but that it wasn’t just about sales. “It’s about making proper friendships.” These friendships create better conditions to share knowledge.

Former expo organizer Marco Renda looks way happier and healthier than at previous expos, but see for yourself if you don’t believe me. Who knew Renda was adding a flair of cannabis culture to Metro Toronto Convention Centre?

The TY Cup was retained and Renda explains the challenges of judging 30 kinds of cannabis and 30 different kinds of extracts over the course of three days. “It was very hard to judge.” Was he joking or serious? Watch the video to decide.


We spoke to cannabis seed retailer Thaddeous from Med Man Brand about the lack of show sexiness and he showed off his amazing full back tattoo. Med Man Brand won six TY Cup trophies and I think that is the magic number which allows you to drop your pants and show your tattooed bum at a trade show.

The Champs Expo provided an awesome opportunity to meet people and while we happened to be recording our DopeChef segment Dr. Darryl Hudson from The Peace Naturals Project stopped by. Doc was sporting a High Times Cannabis Cup and if you didn’t know better you would think he was just a regular grower. Watch and determine for yourself if he is expressing the same love for the plant other growers have.

Doc explains strains and The Peace Naturals Project’s early efforts to provide a plethora of options changed. To create consistent cannabis they’ve had to cut back their strain expectations to ensure the ones they do release are constant.

The information on moisture level requirements is very informative and is worth an article. Health Canada is insisting cannabis, which they know nothing about, is a dried product. Their moisture requirements makes all great cannabis almost unacceptable.

Numerous people had bad experiences with Mettrum, one fellow described their product as “poop.” After handling their product – from what I could tell he was truthin’ – it felt almost dead to the touch.

Many people reported their personal results using a variety of different Health Canada approved medical marihuana producers to me over the weekend.

Toronto Fan Expo takes place in the same venue and brings in staggering attendance numbers. When we eliminate prohibition the cannabis vibe would in the building will be as free spirited as a sci-fi expo. Until then, events like these continue to chip away at prohibition because they demonstrate what marijuana would like when legal.

CHAMPS close up TMZ

Watch the Dopechef video from Champs Expo.

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