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Remo the Urban Grower interviews Jay from Legalize Canada


Video source UrbanRemo


After years of dominance amidst vote splitting on the right, the Liberal government in Ottawa was replaced by a Conservative one in 2006. Their position on marijuana is clear: no to legalization, no to decriminalization. Instead Canada has gone in the opposite direction, implementing mandatory minimums for marijuana cultivation.

They have even gone as far to devote an unprecedented $11.5 million to a public education campaign to warn Canadians against the harms of Marijuana use.

Marijuana legalization will not reach Canada without a fight.

Yet reform for Canada’s drug laws has never polled higher. Canadians are constantly expressing they want marijuana legalized. Candidates amidst the Liberal Party of Canada (who call for full legalization) and scattered members of the New Democratic Party have expressed willingness for change.

It’s amidst this backdrop that Legalize Canada came together at the behest of activists with an aim to affecting real change in the next federal election scheduled for 2015. The desire for an organized, effective, persuasive campaign has made it possible to bring together a collection of experts and grassroots organizers from across the political spectrum.

The next federal government, if it is not a Conservative one, can legalize Canada within a year. Our proposal seeks to elect enough Members of Parliament to get this done by enacting a national campaign with a single-minded purpose of identifying supportive voters for legalization and turning them out to vote in politically expedient districts.


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