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The Pope is a Dope: Pope Francis Wants to Keep Marijuana Illegal

Pope Francis and Weed Legalization

By Mickey Ryan

I’m an Irish-American whose family was loyal to the Catholic Church for decades, until a few years ago. I’m also a marijuana grower and dealer.

My family no longer has anything to do with the Catholic Church, because our parish priest molested several children.

Then, the bishop and others in the Catholic hierarchy, all the way to the Vatican in Rome, covered up for the pedophile priest and insulted those of us concerned about the ruination of children’s lives.

The Catholic Church didn’t cooperate with law enforcement to give up the priest as the child-molesting criminal that he was.

Instead, they hid the priest, lied about his location, and the last we heard he was living in a Catholic “rehabilitation” resort in the mountains of New Mexico.

When the new Pope (Pope Francis) came on the scene, a lot of people were fooled by his apparently “liberal” differences from previous popes.

I could immediately see he was just a salesman trying to re-brand his tax-exempt product.

He sounded more “modern” and nice than previous popes, but I warned people that Pope Francis is just as bad as any other pope, and the Catholic Church is a criminal organization.

Some of my friends said I was being unforgiving and too harsh.

But now that Pope Francis just told a drug enforcement convention that he wants marijuana kept illegal so hundreds of thousands of us continue to be arrested every year, I have to say to them, I told you so.

Pope Francis Leads The Solemnity Of The Most Holy Body And Blood Of Christ

Pope Francis is worried because Uruguay, which is right next to the Pope’s home country of Argentina, just came up with a form of marijuana legalization.

He sees marijuana as addictive and evil, and marijuana legalization as surrendering to Satan.

Speaking to people who make money kicking doors down, putting guns to people’s heads, handcuffing them, dragging them off to prison, the Pope backed the drug war…which is strange, because he has also makes noises about human rights, and the drug war is one of the most dangerous violators of human rights ever seen.

And when Pope Francis talks about violations of human rights, he might want to look in the mirror. The Catholic Church’s official policy concerning women is that they have no right to use birth control or abortion. They have no right to serve as priests or bishops.

For the all-male Catholic hierarchy, women are basically seen as baby-making machines.

But the Pope insists that the Church cares about children. If it really does, Pope Francis would support marijuana legalization, because medical marijuana is the best medicine for severe health problems harming children and families.

I heard a saying: “Religion is the opiate of the masses.” Maybe that explains the Pope’s opposition to marijuana and other “recreational drugs.”

When people have a choice between the “drug” of medieval old school organized religions and marijuana, those of us who want to feel good the natural way are going to choose marijuana.

APTOPIX Italy Pope Epiphany

The Pope recognizes that marijuana is a product that competes with his opiate of religion.

Even the United Nations and other organizations that have long been allies with the Catholic Church in supporting the drug war have woken up and are now saying the drug war should end.

Let me be very clear—if you’re a Catholic and you love the Catholic Church, I don’t mean to be a hater, or to offend you and your family.

But if you love marijuana like I do, you have to admit the Catholic Church’s opposition to marijuana legalization is a sin.

I suggest to Pope Francis that he smoke some marijuana and when he’s high he takes the opportunity to remember that marijuana was made by God, but the Catholic Church and the drug war were made by humans.

When you’re faced with a choice between Pope Francis and the Catholic Church versus marijuana, you know that marijuana leads to heaven, and the Pope needs to stop being a dope.

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