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The Mayor of the City has admitted to using almost every drug recreationally, now Toronto is being hit with even more serious drug scandals. Recently two overdose deaths were reported at the VELD Music Festival at Downsview Park along with 13 other people hospitalized. Toronto police are now investigating party drugs from the electronic music festival that might have caused the fatal illnesses.

The Toronto Board of Health also recently released a warning for Toxic Heroin now being found in Toronto and Hamilton area. In case of overdoses or any other bad reactions people are asked to report anonymously to

Toxic Heroin Notice August 2014

On the local cannabis culture show The Mernahuana Zone the VELD Fest controversy was discussed and the hosts noted that there hasn’t been a rave death in Toronto in over a decade.

Although pills and opiate drugs appear to be gaining in danger, the cannabis industry is moving to a ‘safer model’ with government licensed producers and the Liberal Party of Canada policy supporting marihuana legalization. Aside from one bizarre ‘cannabis poisoning‘ report out of the United Kingdom earlier this year, there are no reported deaths from marijuana consumption or overdosing.

Toxic pills for EDM party

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