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Opus LIVE 028 The Politics of Marijuana

POT TV – Opus LIVE monday Aug 4th 028 The Politics of Marijuana. The 32nd week of 2014 and the first week of August, and what a shitty summer it’s been, pretty sure we haven’t had 5 hot days in a row. Thanx to our sponsors Bud Buddy dot Biz and SKUNK magazine/Pure Garden Resort Negril and La Fumo Pipe Canada. Only 2 weeks left to get your tickets for the La Fumo Pipe and help raise funds for the coalition to fight the mmpr legal fees. Marijuana Politics- Power and Politics with Rosemary Barton- So like I was saying last week, it would go a long long way if the Liberals started getting mail in support of marijuana legalization, and asking them to explain how they will accomplish hat, or give suggestions.~ Poll Numbers ~ Trudeau Liberals Widen Lead Over Conservatives, Poll Suggests…

Featured guest The Weed Guy Mark Klokeid of Mega ill,, and the Kush Cup

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