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Marijuana Crusader Tommy Chong

by New Day Producers

Posted on August 7, 2014 at 11:00 AM

Updated Friday, Aug 8 at 10:56 AM

Tommy Chong interview about cannabis

Actor Tommy Chong has been at the forefront of the push to legalize medical and recreational marijuana. From his “Up in Smoke” films as part of the comedic duo “Cheech and Chong,” to his public advocacy, imprisonment and more recently, a battle to overcome prostate cancer, Tommy Chong has not shied away from any conversation about the world’s most controversial plant.

He’s been a strong supporter of Colorado and Washington’s marijuana legalization laws, and is in Seattle to learn more about our state’s fledgling pot business. Tommy joined host Margaret Larson to discuss being a pioneer for legalizing marijuana and about his ties to business here in Seattle.

He has teamed up with C & C Shop Medical and is helping kick off their new shop in Seattle. He also has a new strain of Cannabis products now on sale at better medical marijuana dispensaries in Washington state, including C & C Shop Medical.

Connect with Tommy Chong:

Facebook: Tommy Chong

Twitter: @tommychong


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