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DOPECHEF MEDIA interviews Onya Ganja writer of the Stoner Girls’ Guide and TaCaGo the Stoner Girl of the Summer 2014 in an alleyway in Toronto, Canada. Topics include origins of the StonerGirlsGuide blog, recommendations for Netflix, thoughts on VICE, marijuana as an aphrodisiac, Justin Trudeau, cannabis legalization, L.C.B.O. music video, The Culture High documentary Adam Scorgie, pictures of hot girls smoking weed, Hallowe’en, cats! and more…



Stoner Girls Guide

Look Who’s Killin’ It

The Culture High

Music video: ‘L.C.B.O.’ by SidePonyNation featuring Whyte Wyne & Sean Ward

Tacago: 2014 Stoner Girl of Summer

Music credit ‘Czarface – Hazmat Rap’ instrumental

(recorded on 29/09/2014)



the Stoner Girls Guide

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