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Bill Kutsch of Colorado 2014

Bill is a Vietnam Veteran. What’s more, he’s a combat Vet. He walked point virtually every day while in the jungle. For many years, Bill couldn’t talk about his military service.

In World War 2, soldiers only saw an average of 44 days of combat. In Vietnam, they saw almost 300. Bill went through 200 firefights. In ten of those conflicts, Bill was among 21 soldiers facing two to three thousand Vietcong. Bill lived in the fray. Bill is a good soldier.

Vietnam agent orange PTSD cannabis

Part of Bill’s job was clearing areas that had just been sprayed with Agent Orange.
Agent Orange is a defoliant developed and marketed to the Federal Government by Monsanto and DOW.
Though our military and the White House at the time knew full well of it’s toxicity and the harm that it would cause to our soldiers and the civilian population, then President John F. Kennedy approved its use.

Agent Orange it devastating physically to those who come in contact with it, but long before those exposed develop the many cancers and respiratory issues, it effects those they loves. Their children.
Agent Orange goes through seven generations. Bill and his wife, Mary lost six babies due to Bill’s exposure.

Everyone who served with Bill suffers from Post Traumatic Stress and the effects of Agent Orange exposure. Neuropathy in their hands and feet, various cancers – not to mention the tragic effects on loved ones – this is the life of our unsung heroes from so long ago…for the last 40 years.

According to his wife, Mary, Bill has never left Vietnam. He’s still there, everyday, fighting the fight of his life. Cannabis gives him the strength and the comfort that he needs to persevere. It’s been his companion for decades. It makes the PTS bearable.

101st Airbourne veteran cannabis medicine

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