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Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne admits to past marijuana use



Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne has admitted she smoked pot.

“i have smoked marijuana but not for the last 35 years – very, very infrequently and certainly not since my children were born and my eldest is 33,” Wynne said Wednesday, when asked about any past pot use. “It’s never been a big part of my life.”

The 60-year-old Ontario premier joins a long list of political leaders who have acknowledged recreational drug use in their youth.

When a reporter asked if she’d ever tried acid, Wynne shook her head and said “no.”

Federal Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau has opened up a national debate about legalizing marijuana.

Wynne said she believes that this is a discussion that governments are going to have to have, but she refused to disclose whether she supports Trudeau’s position.

“I think it’s one of those contentious subjects that we need to debate,” Wynne said. “I think it’s good that it’s been raised.”


Article source Toronto Sun

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