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Sensible BC Conference

October 3rd-5th 2014 We’ve changed the conversation now let’s change the law. 


Opening Speech by Dana Larsen

POT TV – Cannabis activist Dana Larsen gives the opening speech at the Sensible BC Conference on marijuana legalization in Vancouver.

Panel on Legalization

POT TV – The Sensible BC Conference featured a panel discussion looking at what marijuana legalization might look like in the future – with Mark Haden, Kirk Tousaw, Marc Emery and Adam Olsen; hosted by Dana Larsen.

Keynote Address by Marc Emery

POT TV – Activist Marc Emery – recently released from prison, where he spent five years for selling marijuana seeds – speaks about his experiences and the fight to end prohibition at The Sensible BC Conference in Vancouver.

Tonia Winchester on Washington State Marijuana Legalization

POT TV – Dr. Tonia Winchester of New Approach Washington speaks about the legalization of marijuana at The Sensible BC Conference in Vancouver.

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Sensible BC Conference – Cannabis Culture photos

Join Sensible BC’s Campaign to End Marijuana Prohibition and Make Your Voice Heard!

POT TV – Join Sensible BC campaign to end marijuana prohibition! Sensible BC started with a signature-gathering campaign last fall, aiming for a BC referendum to stop marijuana arrests.

Over 4000 volunteers worked together to collect 202,085 signatures in 90 days. While not enough to trigger a referendum, our team of volunteers and community leaders has stayed together.

Legalization is closer than ever, but we still have a lot of work to do!

Sensible BC remains a hive of activity. We’ve been putting on community training sessions, public rallies and days of action to keep pushing this issue forward.

Please join us in our campaign to end marijuana prohibition.

Video production credits:

Amita Daniels – Sensible BC Video Project Co-ordinator

Produced and Directed by Noah Ferguson

Produced by SmartChange

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