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Time to inhale some all-new High Maintenance

That thing we’ve been hyping for months now? Yeah, it’s arrived. We’re delivering a fresh stash of High Maintenance episodes right to your computer screen, no calls or texts required. Season two of the critically acclaimed web series is now available on Vimeo On Demand.

high maintenance 420

Not yet familiar with the show? Check out all the episodes from season one on Vimeo, including one of our personal faves, “Jamie”:

Purchase season two to see the first three episodes right now, and the rest as soon as they’re released. And rest assured — we’ve viewed the new stuff, and these episodes are longer, funnier, and just as smokin’ as the originals.

This next chapter of the creators Katja Blichfeld and Ben Sinclair winsome web series. We’re even more excited to light ‘er up!

Watch High Maintenance Season 2

From Emmy-winning casting director Katja Blichfeld (30 Rock) and actor/editor Ben Sinclair (Delocated, 30 Rock, Law and Order) comes High Maintenance. The series centers around a cannabis dealer known simply as “The Guy” (Sinclair) who slips in and out of the lives of his clients – an eclectic array of New Yorkers with neuroses as diverse as the city they live in.

As the first-ever Vimeo Original, the already critically acclaimed web series is producing six all-new episodes to help you maintain. Order all six now to watch the first three starting 11/11, and the next three as soon as they’re released.


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