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POT TV – THE CK-POTcast Mondays Cannabis activist and BC Marijuana Party candidate Mik Mann – also known as Opus – is done with his LIVE show from Vapor Central. Opus LIVE is going back to Pacific time. Grab a joint and join the chat on Vapor Central. Known for his work with the BC Marijuana Party, Mik Mann is a licensed medical marijuana grower from Vancouver Island and founder of Opus Farms.

The ROAST of Mik Mann leaving VC and all the comics thought about getting him a present but then we got drunk and though ‘let’s roast the fuck outta that cunt and viciously lampoon all his personal issues in public instead.” So we’ll be doing that tonight, no holds barred, straight makin this bitch cry on his baRfDae!! Man this will be epic. VAPOR CENTRAL 9pm 667 Yonge street Downtown T-DAwt.

THE CK-POTcast It’s Monday and FUCK YEA! On the show tonight,Mik Mann get’s high with our hosts! Get ready for some fucked up shit! 9pm Vapor Central.If you miss this show, you’re an idiot! 9pm Vapor Central. That’s right YOU! You know who are, YOU! And if YOU don’t come I will shit.


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