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TMZ 186 Best of The Mernahuana Zone

POT TV – The Best of Mernahuana Zone. TMZ final webcast of 2014 on Tuesday December 30 is a great opportunity to begin ringing in 2015. To help you celebrate we teamed up with to giveaway bongrips and yummy vapor bags throughout the night. Unlike booze you’ll be in perfect shape to continue partying on NYE. Because we are gonzo on ganja by the end of the webcast is hard to recall what happened week-to-week. After all we did resolve to toke more marijuana in 2014 and did so! Anywho, it’s been an exciting year packed with numerous stoned moments and insightful interviews and we’d like to thank our viewers by going over it one more time.

Several Health Canada approved Licensed Producers appeared on our webcast either in person or via Skype. We think this is an awesome opportunity to learn about these companies and we weedy wonder why other Licensed Producers don’t want to do TMZ. Expect more interviews! We worked really hard to bring our audience an interview with RCMP officer Ron Francis – who came out of cannabis closet before committing suicide. This was a true tragedy of 2014.

TMZ finally got our long awaited Trailer Park Boys interview, but we couldn’t, despite our best efforts, bring them to Vapor Central. Our uniqueness was recognized by Toronto festival NXNE and we were invited to be their first ever webcasters as performers. No media passes for us, we were artists. Unfortunately this lead to our worst interview ever – Dave Weasel. It was so painful host Mernahuana was able to visit the dentist after a near two decade absence.

During the summer we bought weed from a stranger on the streets of Toronto during a webcast! We used Craigslist to make a purchase within an hour. So much awesomeness happened in 2014 on TMZ you almost forget Marc Emery returned home. We went live from Windsor and had our best audience with some 400+ viewers awaiting Canada’s prince of pot return from a five year prison sentence.

We’d like to thank our regular guests, Wolf of Weed St, Mastah Rollah, Who Cares Get Doped for the dabs. 420 Bud Swap has become a great regular feature and our new Guess This Weeds Weight is going to be a big hit too.

Finally thank you to our audience for tuning in live every week, downloading our webcast via iTunes or SoundCloud, and spreading the word about how entertaining we are. We look forward to getting high with you in person at Vapor Central or via a virtual session in 2015.


820pm Crop King Seeds 420 Bud Swap
920pm Bud Buddy Guess This Ganja

The Mernahuana Zone is webcast weekly from Canada’s stoniest destination Vapor Central. Tune in and toke up every Tuesday from 720-1020 et or 420-720 pt. TMZ, available for download from Soundcloud and iTunes.

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