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Plans to legalize, tax, and regulate cannabis could see some politicians cash in on the modern day gold rush “the green rush” market boom that is predicted to follow if marihuana prohibition repealed.

Leading candidate for Prime Minister of Canada is currently campaigning on a legalization of marijuana has got multiple political connected insiders lining up to join in on the potentially lucrative market. Justin Trudeau (Liberal MP, leader) is calling for the new nanny state of marijuana:

“On the high level I look at it as how we currently control alcohol, a place where we control the sale, check ID, to oversee it.”

Justin Trudeau –  Chasing the High (CPAC)

So just who stands to gain in the current market for medical and future market for recreational cannabis products? See list:

John Turner (Liberal, former-Prime Minister of Canada)
Mike Harcourt (NDP, former-Premier of British Columbia)
Ernie Eves (PC Progressive Conservative, former-Premier of Ontario)
George Smitherman (Liberal, former-Ontario Health Minister)
Larry Campbell (current Liberal Senator)
Kash Heed (BC Liberal, current Member of the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia)
John Reynolds (Conservative, former-Canadian Reform Conservative Alliance Party Leader)
Chuck Rifici (current Chief Financial Officer of the Liberal Party of Canada)

Billions of dollars for criminal organizations and gangs via legalization? Politics.

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