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Barcelonnabis (el documental)

What is Barcelonnabis? A documentary research that explores the use of cannabis in Spain, mainly focusing on Barcelona. Based on the existence of partnerships as an alternative to cannabis prohibition.

Research. For two years there have been approximately one hundred interviews. We have witnessed several events related to the cannabis world, and in the same way, has conducted a thorough investigation. Bibliography, currently observing through the media, and especially the interviews are the stuff that make up the backbone of this project, still running.

Associations or clubs cannabis consumption: These associations were born, conceptually, in the País Vasco. Although gradually spread throughout Spain, Barcelona has pioneered this model of consumption and distribution of cannabis and its derivatives. According to its statutes, the common goal of cannabis consumption clubs is to supply its members with cannabis grown in sound condition and controlled, offering partners an alternative to the black market.

The voices: for, against and fairness. Although there are many and varied, the associations are not the only viewpoint that try to show in Barcelonnabis. The opinion of physicians, psychiatrists, treatment centers, police, and other factors opposed to the systematic use of marijuana also argue their positions. And we intend to investigate what is the opinion of the main political forces with regard to this situation and investigate the economic impact of this model.

BARCELONNABIS ultimately seeks to penetrate the reality of cannabis clubs, not to encourage or glorify drug use, but defending the freedom of choice of people (different people and “normal”) that makes use of this practice, both playful as medicinally.


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