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Montel Williams Testifies for Medical Marijuana in Missouri

CBS News

CBS News

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — Medical marijuana could become reality in Missouri if lawmakers have their way.  If a bill is passed, the state would regulate marijuana much differently than Colorado.

Missouri state representative Dave Hinson (St. Clair)  introduced a measure that would allow Missouri residents the opportunity to use marijuana for medical purposes only.

Hinson said he has no intention of turning it into a full-blown pot legalization measure
“This bill is heavily regulated because none of you want the Colorado experience.”

One of those regulations would state where residents could smoke their marijuana.
“This bill does not allow for the use of medical marijuana or cannabis in the presents of others,” Hinson said.

Hinson’s measure would let Missouri license up to 30 medical marijuana centers across the state.
However, these businesses would be required to grow and sell the marijuana at the same location.

The centers could only sell the marijuana they grow themselves.

TV talk show host Montel Williams testified in favor of the bill.
He said medical marijuana was the only thing that addressed the pain he suffers from multiple- sclerosis.

“I tried to take my life two times because the pain was so severe. Went to see a doctor, one of the top doctors in this country, who looked me dead in the face and said look. I’m not going to tell you, I’m not going to say that I told you. I’m not going to put it in writing.  But I think you should try cannabis.”

Williams said he came to testify in front of the committee in hopes of helping people who are suffering chronic diseases.

The bill still needs a committee vote before it could move to the house floor.

(Dan Ebner, KRCG, Jefferson City)

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