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DOPECHEF MEDIA | Raw footage of the annual 4/20 Comedy Festival at Yonge and Dundas square, Toronto, April 20th 2015… Featuring great performances and presentations, including:

2:30 Toronto Hash Mob marches into Dundas Square

8:53 Toronto City Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam

12:59 Damian Abraham

15:53 Ross Rebagliati

19:13 Jules of Now Magazine

21:09 Julia of Peter McWilliams

26:18 e11evan freestyes ‘Dab Ninja’

31:31 ‘The Seed of New Hope’ Michael Mage and Puff Dog Thomas

34:34 420 Comedy Festival Mike Rita

Dred Lee, Kal Post, Brian O’Gorman,

1:33:05 Paul Lewin of NORML Canada

1:44:06 TRIP! and CSSDP Canadian Students for Sensible Drug Policy

1:48:51 The High Five

1:59:12 Brian O’Dea

2:08:28 ‘Ol Man Haper’ Bruce Peninsula Seed Company

2:27:26 COUNTDOWN TO 4-20 PM (EST)

2:30:58 the Killin’ Time Band

2:38:38 Masta Rolla appearance for 85 gram joint

2:47:16 Closing Remarks Matt Mernagh and Chris Goodwin

2:44:40 Singing Canary hemp seeds

Crop King Seeds

Matt Mernagh

Dopechef Media

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