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High Times Cannabis CupThe HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup is the world’s leading marijuana trade show, celebrating the world of ganja through competitions, instructional seminars, expositions, celebrity appearances, concerts and product showcases. Hosted in states that have legalized medical and recreational marijuana, the Cannabis Cup stands as the foremost gathering place for the cannabis community to network and celebrate.

Going strong for nearly three decades, HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cups are the most established and trusted in the marijuana industry, continually fighting for the political legitimacy of the plant.

Denver, April 18-20th 2015

High Times Cannabis Cup

Apollo @ the Denver High Times Cannabis Cup 2015 – with appearances by Rae Sremmurd, & Dizzy Wright!

Apollo takes you on a journey to the Super Bowl of Cannabis, the “2015 High Times Cannabis Cup” in Denver, Colorado… #SpaceCadet style!

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2015 Denver Cannabis Cup With Professor Lee

This is a re-release of the raw footage from the 2015 High Times Denver Cannabis Cup. Now with footage of me wandering around and meeting some people.

Video source Prof Lee

Cannabis Cup in Denver this weekend

Marijuana enthusiasts are converging on Colorado, some for the Cannabis Cup — the leading marijuana trade show — others to celebrate 4/20 on Monday.

Video source 7News

Cannabis Cup comes to Denver this weekend

Cannabis consumers from across the country are gathering at the Denver Mart this weekend for the fifth Cannabis Cup. Marc Stewart reports.

Video source 7News

The Denver Channel, 7News, brings you the latest trusted news and information for Denver, Colorado, Mile High and the Rocky Mountains.

Thousands celebrate 4/20 in Denver

It’s only 4-18 but that didn’t stop the celebrations of Colorado’s marijuana laws that legalized recreational pot.

Video source 7News

Hundreds light up during 4/20 rally in downtown Denver

Hundreds of people openly smoked marijuana in downtown Denver Monday at the 4/20 rally.

Marijuana enthusiasts continue ‘High Holiday’ celebration on 4/20 in Denver

DENVER – Marijuana celebrations continued Monday in Denver, where thousands gathered at festivals and concerts over the weekend.

One of the biggest festivals concluded Sunday in downtown Denver’s Civic Center Park, however protesters encouraged people to gather in front of the Capitol building Monday at 4:20 p.m.

On Monday, an estimated 2,000 people gathered at Denver’s Veterans Park across from the Capitol building. A very visible cloud of smoke could be seen over the park at 4:20 p.m.

“I moved here from Florida because I didn’t want to be prosecuted for doing something as simple as smoking marijuana,” said Mark Clipp, a licensed real estate broker.

Jamie Perino, owner of Euflora Recreational marijuana shops said the 16th Street store in downtown had its best sales day ever on Saturday.

“I would say it was more consistent than slammed this year,” said Perino.

Perino said added stafffing combined with new technology, like scanners that allow consumers to scan what they want and then check-out with their scanners, allowed the store to move customers through more quickly and efficiently.

The High Times Cannabis Cup continues Monday, but organizers are encouraging people to leave in time to attend the protest.

“Make sure you leave early to get to Lincoln Park by 4:20 p.m., across the street from the state Capitol, for public smokeout and civil disobedience,” organizers stated. “Come back for Cup awards.”

7NEWS saw people running on Speer to reach the gathering in time, and AIRTRACKER7 was overhead when the crowd let out a collective puff of smoke at 4:20 p.m.

“The civil disobedience will continue!!!” the Colorado 420 Coalition stated.

Police are reminding celebrators that Colorado doesn’t allow public consumption of the drug. But the law is widely flouted, especially around the 4/20 celebrations.

Denver police told 7NEWS that 160 tickets for public consumption of marijuana were issued over the weekend.

Also being held Monday is Snoop Dogg’s Wellness Retreat with ASAP Rocky and 2 Chainz at Fiddlers Green Amphitheatre in Englewood. That is scheduled to begin at 5:30 p.m., presumably to allow Snoop to partake in the festivities at 4:20 p.m.

The Cannabis Cup is open from noon through 7 p.m.

Article source The Denver Channel


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