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Much has been made of marijuana’s ability to reduce anxiety and stress while helping sufferers relax. There are, however two sides to every coin: while some research points to the fact that cannabis can help people overcome anxiety, other studies have shown how regularly getting high can lead to neurosis, obsessions and anxiety.

Medicinal marijuana has been widely used to treat a number of different psychiatric conditions including depression and anxiety. Conditions like these severely affect the way patients feel and think – often causing problems in both their professional and personal lives. Effective treatment of disorders of this nature is of the utmost importance, failure to do so can lead to poor performance at work or school as well as a breaking down of personal relationships.

Just like any medication used to treat psychological disorders, different patients react differently to medical marijuana. While some patients claim that they’re able to relax and enjoy life after administering of the drug. Others, however, speak of increased anxiety and paranoia that can eventually lead to panic attacks.

One of the major benefits that medical marijuana has to offer sufferers of depression is the chance to avoid dangerous and expensive sleeping pills and tranquilizers. Unlike these prescription drugs which tend to wear down patients; sapping the life and energy from patients who lose interest in day-to-day activities that are needed to facilitate recovery. Medical marijuana can have a positive effect of the patient’s mood allowing them to take interest in the activities the can help lead to recovery.

At the end of the day it’s really not that easy to say whether or not medical marijuana will have the desired effects on the patient, in much the same way that prescription sleeping pills and antidepressants may not work as well some certain patients. With that being said, cannabis can and will unquestionably play a significant role in the battle against anxiety and depression.

Article by Jason Dewey


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