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During the Global Marijuana March a group of street preachers in downtown Toronto spread the word to a wayward audience, see more info below:

Weed Smokers Attempt To Assault Preacher

When you speak the “truth” you will be hated. And especially, when you confront the “sin” of weed smoking you are bound to stir up a hornets nets. Pastor Erik boldly rebukes the perversion of the weed smoking and confronts many marijuana users with the gospel. One man claiming to be a former Rabbi, Priest, and Clergy in disagreement tries to spit on Erik, another man hypocritically tries to stop him from preaching the gospel.

Friends, in these last days many Christians are more concerned with their church building than the souls on the streets, many teenagers are going to hell and we are more concerned with church programs that have nothing to do with evangelism or the gospel. We are responsible for why society is out of wack, because we have our priority backwards. Jesus Christ is coming soon, and he’s coming to judge the church first. And if the righteous scarcely be saved, where shall the ungodly and the sinner appear? [1 Peter 4:18].

Video source Follow Me to Christ Ministries

Smoking pot leads to hell sign

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