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Queen of Cannabis  Cheryl Shuman

Women are the Secret to Marijuana Businesses & Legalization 

KTLA TV Feature Women, Marijuana, Celebrities & Politics in the USA With Cheryl Shuman

In her battle against ovarian cancer, Cheryl Shuman says it was CBD — the compound in marijuana known for its health benefits — that saved her life.
“I went from being on 27 pharmaceuticals, unable to go to the bathroom by myself to, within three months, being able to go back to work full time,” Shuman said.
After her recovery, the mother of two became a self-described “pot evangelist.” She currently serves as CEO of the Beverly Hills Cannabis Club and empowers women across the country to get in to the weed business. .
Our weeklong series, “Money Smart: The Business of Marijuana,” concludes Friday night on the KTLA 5 News at 11.

Cheryl Shuman – President & C.E.O.

Beverly Hills Cannabis Club

Cheryl Shuman marijuana plant

Humboldt Country Indian Country Marijuana Project Cheryl Shuman

Video source Cheryl Shuman

Beverly Hills Cannabis Club

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