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Marc’s Return to IdeaCity Conference – Marc and Jodie Emery

Marc Emery thanks Jodie Emery
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The ‘Princess’ and ‘Prince of Pot’ aren’t done politicking

Marc and Jodie Emery are keen on the Liberal Party, despite personal political setbacks.

In spite of political disappointment, Canada’s prince and princess of pot still plan on voting Liberal in the next election.

Jodie Emery, the wife of Marc Emery, also dubbed Canada’s “prince of pot,” was denied the Liberal Party nomination for Vancouver East in the upcoming election. Although she is no longer actively campaigning for the party, she says she is still a supporter.

“I’m disappointed, but voting is essential for any form of change so we’re asking people to please get out and vote,” Jodie told the Star.

The activist couple spoke to the Star after giving a speech at Ideacity on Friday, where Marc assured the crowd his time in a U.S. prison on marijuana charges was well spent.

“I’ll tell you, I read a book every 10 days and I learned how to play bass guitar,” he said.

Jodie was less positive, and noted that “prison is cruel” and that anti-marijuana legislation separates families. Marc returned to Canada in 2014, after being sentenced to five years in prison on charges related to the selling of marijuana seeds.

After Liberal leader Justin Trudeau came out in favour of legalizing marijuana, Marc and Jodie Emery jumped on board. Marc even went to so far as to claim he smoked marijuana with the leader — a statement vehemently denied by Trudeau.

Now, Marc scoffs at his wife’s failed nomination bid, and says if Canadian candidates were picked in American-style primaries, she’d have won hands down.

“All the party leaders in Canada want is these sycophants, it’s a big flaw,” he said.

Marc, who once ran for federal office as a candidate for the Marijuana Party and has supported the NDP in past elections, admits that a career in federal politics is unlikely.

“Nobody would ever let me be a candidate — well, I think Elizabeth May would,” Marc said, adding that in provincial elections he supports the Green Party.

But federally, Marc was adamant that if we want legalize marijuana, and he sure does, we need to elect “a viable member of the opposition.”

“It’s a mere practicality,” he said.

Emery has faith that in the next two to five years, marijuana will be made legal across North America. But to help the process along, he is going on a tour in the months leading up to the election to convince marijuana smokers to vote out Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

“As long as our people show up to vote, than we can win this next election,” he said.


Article source Toronto Star


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