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Exclusive Bert Easterbrook Interview (fall-out from Cannabis Day BC)

CinC Founding Director Jason Wilcox sits down with Bert Easterbrook, a man once celebrated by Vancouver for his heroism, who was at the forefront of the 2015 Cannabis Day clash with Vancouver police. Easterbrook burned his 2013 Certificate of Merit outside city hall in protest.

Editor’s Note: Thanks to Press for Truth ( for the use of their footage in the production of this video.

This video was shot prior to heading over to city hall to have a sit in and assemble peacefully at city hall. While Bert made a very strong statement to fellow activists and the city of Vancouver.

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Cannabis in Canada

Bert Easterbrook, Cannabis Day protester, burns Stanley Cup riot award

Once honoured as a hero, Easterbrook was charged with obstruction of justice at Cannabis Day event

By The Canadian Press, CBC News

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